Well. You know, I have lived here for nine years (I think) and am still learning new stuff about Fukushima City.   It turns out there are all these cool Buddha statues in our humble city!  We’re no Kyoto, of course, but still pleasantly surprised to find that there is all this….culture!

I always think of Fukushima City as just a working person’s sort of town.  A place you live.  A pleasant place for families.  (No, I don’t think of nuclear holocaust, because that’s not my image of Fukushima City.)

But yeah, we got culture, and it makes me want to sightsee!


Photos of the various Buddha statues in our fair city.  (I got permission to take these photos.)


Being a typical American, I asked which one is the oldest?  This one is the oldest.  I can’t remembe how old.  Really old.


There was a castle long ago in Fukushima City.  This is a replica of the castle way back when.  Our current home is quite close to the castle grounds, so just think of the history under my feet.

I’m going to try to get a real live peek at some of the Buddha statues in the future.  I don’t have a car, but maybe I can bicycle….or something?  Stay tuned.

ETA quite large earthquake here in Tohoku this morning but we are all right!  Stay safe and prayers for everyone in Japan and Nepal.  ❤