It’s spring!  Here are some flowers that bloom in the spring.  I’m really bad with flower names, but I’ll try to explain a bit in English and Japanese.



The Japanese word is a loanword:  churippu チューリップ


A cherry blossom tree, so a “sakura” tree  (I can’t remember the variety.)

葉桜 hazakura=a cherry tree whose blossoms have fallen, revealing fresh green leaves


tachibana? According to the sign anyway.  Don’t know this in English.


A variety of lily.  In Japanese yuri ゆり


椿 tsubaki

When I lived in Narita City, I used to know an elderly man whose name was Mr. Tsubaki.  He would say, “My name is easy to remember. It means Camellia.”

I wonder what happened to him.  I’m quite sure he has passed away by now.


A cherry blossom tree.  Yes, I took these photos weeks ago.


The park we often walk to.   My son likes to swing.


This is a truly beautiful dog.  I’ve seen it ever since we first arrived in Fukushima, which was years ago (nine?), so this dog must be getting on in years.


The owner says it is a “Sakhalin” but I don’t know how that can be because I looked up Sakhalin on the net and they don’t resemble this dog.  I might be mistaken.   I’m a bit kooky sometimes.  Although if you regularly read this blog you know that by now.  🙂

In case you don’t like flowers or dogs (and I know many people don’t 😉 ), here are some sites that you and your little one can listen to.  This has gotten a revamp!  I luvs this site. Isn’t this the fantastic actress with the blue eyeshadow from the Drew Carey show?  See, even though I live in Japan, I do know some things! British Council is like totally the awesomest site ever. from British Council for older kids  Although this is great, too.  (Many of these come from British Council.)  These are public domain books.  They are read by volunteers. I listened to this a lot when my not-so-little one was little.  Charming cbeebies radio-podcasts This site is new to me.  Bible stories  Scroll to the bottom for links to other parts of the site. This site is great. (When I clicked on this link, it said page not found.  However, when I scrolled to the bottom, the links were there.) Aren’t we all lucky that Starfall exists.  Let’s overdose on Sesame Street together. one of my favorite authors Dr. Seuss videos  I command you all to start reading Japanese fairy tales today.

https://www.englishclub/listening/  This is meant for ESL, but I think it is perfect for a lot of native kids. (older kids particularly) Also ESL, good for older kids  News from America in slow English. (There is also the regular VOA.) news for kids from CBBC Kids radio Kids radio (has advertising) not listening, but miscellaneous links. You have to sign up for this.  It’s free and easy.  You either read the book to your little one or he/she read its.  (It’s not audio.) Not stories, but I am including it because I like it so much. lots of kiddy comics


“Raising a Trilingual child” also posted great links on her great website!

Go take a peek!


Do you have any favorites?