Some books by Susumu Shingu


You can see that the books on the left are completely wordless.  I have written about my love of wordless books before!  The one on the right has both English and Japanese.


Here are some more books in both English and Japanese.  I wasn’t too crazy about the one in the middle–the English was very plain, rather boring, I thought.


The one on the left and the one on the right are part of Japanese tales series.   The English in it is not exactly spectacular, but it’s certainly good enough.  You might want to just read the story and tell it in your own words.

All books from the library!  If you browse the Japanese section, there are definitely books that are useable.  I often look for books that have English in their title–sometimes these books are only in Japanese, but sometimes they are bilingual (Japanese/English) books.

I personally find browsing the kids’ books in the library to be very relaxing.  So it’s not a chore for me to look for hidden treasures!