Every year on Mom’s Day, I write a poem for my mom. This is this year’s poem.

I’ll dream about you, if you’ll dream about me
In a land of enchantment imagining
A frosty sky, a starry sea,
A frothy snow, a peak so deep.
Climb up high until you reach
A silver trapeze for you to to swing
From you to me, from dream to dream,
Frollicking together all night through
We’ll feast together on morning dew
If you’ve dreamt about me,
I’ve dreamt about you.

Whenever I send something in the mail, I always try to get adorable stamps.  I’m not sure whether the recipient notices or not, but I enjoy choosing the stamps.  Quite often at the post office, I have to say immediately, “I’d like cute stamps, please!”  Otherwise the worker will just stamp it with that ugly red stamp.

Here are some current stamps:



I’m quite sure that these “Hanamiyama” stamps are meant to be a souvenir of the region, and can’t be bought in other areas.  I see them every year around this time.



These are so cute I just want to buy them for the heck of it!

IMHO, I find postal workers so much kinder and more helpful than in the States.   In the States, they can be very gruff and almost intimidating.    Whereas in Japan, there is a central post office and smaller post offices, so if I go to my regular small post office, they know me there and are EXTREMELY helpful.  Just extremely so.  Helping me get the cheapest, best price, for example.  Putting my stamps on for me.  Providing tape if I forget mine.  Providing a bag (if possible) if my container is not very good.  They really have “omotenashi” at my post office.

(Omotenashi was the word of the year in 2013.  It refers to the excellent treatment that one receives from business establishments, something Japan is known worldwide for.)