English, you’ve been a naughty boy.

Bad English.

If you live in Japan, you know it.  You see it.  You live it.

My son and I were out and he pointed out the above sign to me.  He said, “The English is awful!  Take a photo of it!”

I was REALLY pleased that he recognized that the English was bad.  One of my big worries is that he will see Engrish and read it, and think that it is normal English.   It’s impossible to shield his eyes from the Engrish crap, it’s everywhere in Japan.

One place you commonly see Engrish is on clothing, particularly lower quality/lower cost clothes.  (Not always, but that’s the tendency.)  So I have avoided buying him clothes with poor English written on it.  There’s plenty of error free clothing available at low prices, so this is not difficult at all.

I think at the jhs, the other kids are asking him to read their pencil cases.  LOL  I hope he can manage the minefield of Engrish.  By the way, not Engrish, but my son came home and said, “I read the word Peanuts on a Snoopy pencil case and the girl was really surprised!”  I thought that was funny.

In other news………on the internet, native English speakers (like me) love to make fun of Engrish.  The thing is though, if it were reversed, I would have a hard time coming up with grammatically correct and natural sounding phrases in Japanese to write on clothing, signs, pencil cases, and so on.   It’s not an easy thing to do.   So my heart goes out to all those hapless writers of Engrish.