Look at what my darling husband made!


My husband is a total sweetie!  I don’t talk about him much on this blog, but he is an amazing father and husband!  This blog is not really about him.  (And I don’t think it would be good for our marriage if it were.)


(The cat is actually a marshmallow!  He ordered it online.) ❤


Now for the lesson of the day.  Ahem.


Love Love is a word that Japanese people love  (love love?) to use.  It is, of course, adopted from English.  But it is not English!!!!!  When I first heard it, I was confused about its meaning and thought it meant homosexual love.  I have no idea where I got that idea!!!!!!  It does NOT refer to homosexual love, just plain old ordinary love in general.

This is the meaning of “love love”:


A typical example of using this would be to say, “恋人とラブラブ!(I am) really in love with my boyfriend!”
So you want  to spice up your English?  Throw “Love Love” around in every day conversation and let’s get this expression moving!
(One problem, though, with words like this is that my son and I tend to incorporate them in to English conversation…….so it is hard to remember what it real English used in English speaking countries and what isn’t.  I think all of us living in Japan have the experience of going home and using a Japanese word or expression.  It can be embarrassing.)