I had a sixth grade kanji learning poster hanging in a place of honor.  This is it:


I bought it partly for myself and partly for my son (then in sixth grade.)  The readings of the kanji were way too tiny to read easily.  So approximately once a day, I would look up a kanji and write its reading and English meaning on a sticky note and and tape it to the poster.

However, I learned that those sticky notes are not really very sticky!  As you can tell by looking at the poster, a lot of them fell off.  I would find them on my husband’s butt or where ever.  This just was NOT a very convenient way to learn!

So anyway, my son asked me to move the poster to the next level:  jhs 1 nen kanji.  (Yeah, he asked me for it.  Cool!)

So I headed to a few bookstores, and discovered that they do not sell jhs kanji posters.  Instead, I bought “kotowaza” karuta.  (kotowaza are Japanese expressions like “It never rains but it pours.”  That sort of thing, but in Japanese. Idioms.)

This is the kotowaza karuta set:


I don’t know why I did not take a photo of the karuta cards themselves.  They are really cute.  Anyhoo….my tentative plan was to hang its little poster in the place of honor.  However, it’s just too small and boring so I nixed that plan.

I went online and got shopping!  I found this poster:


I had no friggin’ idea what it was, but it looked high level. So I bought it.  It turrned out to be “Yojijyukugo”  That is,  expressions made using four kanji.  (Not three kanji.  Not two kanji.  FOUR.)

I had no idea such a thing existed.  Ya learn something new every day.

I also bought this kotowaza poster:


Quite cute, IMO.

I also bought this book of jhs appropriate “posters.”:


(None of them very large.) They are actually kind of boring and I regret buying it.  Some things are better in the mind’s eye than in reality.


Whew!  Am I turning into one of those Tiger Mom Kyoiku Mamas yet?  Not yet, but I am obviously trying!

In case you are wondering, my son opted to have the yojijyukugo poster in the place of honor.  I have tried studying it, and I learned exactly one.  (“Telepathy” 以心伝心 ishindenshin)  My mind can’t handle more than one.  Maybe it’s the beginning of senility.  Who knows.

My husband says, “He (our son) knows the yojijyukugo.  You don’t need to hang THAT poster.”  I thought, Me thinks you overestimate him!  So I asked our son, “Do you know all the yojijyukugo?”  And he said, “No, I know some, but not all.”

That’s an honest answer.  I mean, honestly, I myself don’t know all the English idiomatic expressions.  Some are rarely used.  Some are extremely old-fashioned.  There’s always more to learn!  Many a mickle makes a muckle!

The more Japanese I learn, the more I realize there is to learn. ななころびやおき。Fall seven times, get up eight times. 🙂