My son’s preschool and elementary school required handkerchiefs every day.  (Handkerchiefs are used for drying your hands or wiping the sweat off your face in Japan.  Although I imagine for three year olds, they are used for cleaning up the juice you spilled on the table before the teacher sees it.)


So the above photo shows handkerchiefs appropriate for the younger crowd.  You got your One Piece.  You got your Kamen Rider or whatever the heck that is.  You got your Anpanman.  You got your Kamen Ridery type superhero.  You got your Frozen.


My son always carried around Pokemon and Mario hankies.  However…….I was feeling embarrassed for him as he headed to jhs and decided that his hankies needed to mature a bit.


So we got our ultra masculine hankies.  Nike Adidas whatever.


Ultra feminine hankies.


I ended up getting him an Adidas hankie and a navy blue in a subtle Snoopy pattern.  What the well dress jhs student is using.

The above photos come from an inexpensive Walmarty type store.  The hankies were 300 to 500 yen each.  At our department store, the hankies are quite lovely and run about 1,000 yen.  But that’s way too much hankie for a jhs student.  When he gets to be CEO, he can have the ten dollar hankie.