Everybody remember my gimpy foot?  (My left foot was afflicted by plantar fascitis at the beginning of the year, and the heel of my foot hurt when I walked.)  Well, my indoor slippers fell apart, and since I wear slippers indoors all the time, I decided to invest in a really quality pair of slippers.  So today’s topic is SLIPPERS!

Normally I would spend maybe 1,00o to 2,000 yen on slippers.  I decided to get the most luxurious, most comfortable slippers I could find.  (After all, it’s cheaper to buy good slippers than to spend money seeing a foot doctor!)

I headed to our local department store, Nakago.


I found these slippers.  The creme de la creme of slippers.


They are called Pansy, and they are made in Japan.  (Which I love.)


In the above photo, these are Pansy slippers that are meant specifically for work at clinic or other job.  If you live in Japan, you already know this, so bear with me.  In Japan, many professionals (especially nurses and doctors, but some other jobs, too) wear these sort of slippers at work.  They do NOT wear regular shoes.

(School teachers tend to wear tennis shoes, not slippers, but they also use indoor shoes.)


These are the different Pansy slippers for home.  They run about 5,000 yen, so about 50 dollars.  Yes, VERY expensive!  But you have to remember that I wear these slippers a lot.  Also, I wanted something comfortable and I compared the various slippers (including non-Pansy) and the expensive Pansies definitely had the most cushioning for my aging feet.


One huge problem.  These are the ONLY Pansies that would fit me!!!!!!!!  They were very comfortable, but……..


They are men’s slippers!!!!!!!!!!!   I feel so butch.


Look at that size chart.  I wear an LL (size 25, or American size 8 and a half), which is not available in female sizes (in pink.)


These are the largest female slippers and they obviously don’t fit!

When I bought the butchy men slippers, I complained about the lack of large sizes.  The attitude of the salesladies was like, “Yeah, of course they don’t fit your big, fat, foreign feet.”  (Of course they did not use these exact words….. but they were thinking it.)

Then I told the salesladies that my JAPANESE MIL wears the exact same size as me.  (This is true.  We share shoes!)  The salesladies did seem genuinely surprised to hear this.  Yep. That’s right.  Japanese can be big, too.


I included this picture and want to give a word of warning.  This is at a much cheaper Walmarty type store.  The slippers most definitely were not comfortable and cushiony.  However, I saw some Pansy labeled slippers at this store!!!!!  They were inexpensive and uncomfortable.  So evidently Pansy makes different types of slippers for different stores:  Crappy cheap slippers and luxurious pricey slippers.  Use caution!

It’s been at least two weeks since I took these photos and I must say I love my new slippers.  They seem so well made and are so comfortable.   Those of you in Japan, do you wear slippers indoors?  I never thought I would be a slippers wearer, but now I  just love having cozy toesies.  (And clean floors)

Those of you in America, Canada, Zimbabwe, Sweden…….and other countries.   Do you wear slippers?  Is it something that appeals to you?