If you live in Japan, then you know how big “Yokai Watch” is in Japan.  (Yokai refers to Japanese ghosts/spirits, Watch means an actual wristwatch.  I think.  I am not really familiar with Yokai Watch, and my son is too old for it.)

Way back in the nineties, I remember telling my (then young) niece that Pokemon was huge in Japan and it would be huge in America.  I gave her a Pikachu mask.  Sure enough, the following year Pokemon fever hit the States.

So last week I was reading the Kodomo Shinbun, and an article says that in April 2016, Yokai Watch will be introduced to North America.  Hasbro will sell Yokai Watch items.

Will Yokai Watch be hugely popular in Canada and the United States?  I am voting yes.  The reason?  Yokai are really cool, any way you look at it.  It’s a whole world of mythology American kids aren’t aware of.  So if they do it, right–meaning the right video games and toys–Yokai Watch should be a hit.

I bought some Yokai Watch items for little American relatives.  (Discounted.  That’s easy to find here since Yokai Watch is no longer new.)  I want them to be the first to be coolest kids on their block!


The newspaper article said the American Yokai Watch will have two new characters:  a girl and some sort of creature.


Here is a Youtube Walkthrough of the Video Game in English.

Here is the cartoon with English subs.  However the English subtitles are cut off for me, so it is a pain to read.