This is the most recent Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  (In Japanese, the series is called Gureggu no dame nikki=”Greg’s Bad Journal”)

My husband bought a Wimpy Kid book for my son in English long, long ago, but my son did not like it.  In retrospect, he was too young for it.  He grew into it –and loves the series!  This and “Captain Underpants” are his favorites.  Yeah, he’s such a total boy.

He has all the books both in English and Japanese, plus the actual journals in both languages.  Spoiled, much??!!???


He was fascinated by the above page.   In the American version, a bootleg copy of a JAPANESE book is shown–complete with a Japanese fart joke.  (onara おなら)Well, the Japanese version of the Wimpy Kid book has the bootleg book in CHINESE!  So that was educational for my son.

Learning two languages is mind-expanding! As a book lover it is also so educational to compare the same book in two (or more) languages.

So, oh monolingual friends of mine, please go to the library and seek out the same books in different languages!  Nihongo!  Deutsch!  Afrikaans!  Turkmen!  English! Sumerian!  Iloko! Even if you can’t understand them!  And Braille, too!

Come to the dark side.


Omecay otay ethay arkday idesay.