Big Bang

Another thing that we like to watch…………The Big Bang Theory

A while back, I was watching it, but not letting my son watch it.  (I would watch it while he was at school.)  But then on a trip overseas, he watched it on the plane.  And he loved it.  And he begged me to let him watch it.

And…….yes, I let him watch it.  It’s got more sex than I would like, definitely.  But at the same time, he’s twelve, not two.  So I don’t see it as a huge, huge deal.

He likes it because he identifies with the characters as nerds.  (My son definitely sees himself as a nerd.)   I would love it if there was a show that was similar more for kids.  Hilarious and puts nerdiness in a good light.  But I don’t know of one.  (The Ant Farm is sort of close, but definitely more of a “girl” show, to be honest.  My son doesn’t like Ant Farm as much as I do.  And also, I don’t really think Ant Farm portrays guy nerdiness in a positive light, like The Big Bang Theory does.)

So yeah, that’s his favorite show.  Educational in more ways than one.


He has joined the computer club at school.  (In Japan, almost all kids join an after school club at their jhs.   This is really important and they stay with the same club for three years.  I call it The Club Cult.)  Anyway, I told him “You found your people.”  (A line from Gravity Falls.)

He has found his people.