Recently my son and I were chatting.  He asked me about the Ku Klux Klan.  He wasn’t really sure what they were….exactly.

So I explained it the best I could.  And then I found a great history channel documentary on the KKK on Youtube.  Yay.

Ah.  Youtube.

A blessing?  Or a curse?

If we were in the U.S. and learning only English (not Japanese), I probably would not see the need for youtube.  (Perhaps.)  But here in Japan, Youtube opens up so many possibilities to learning.

This wonderful blog has a list of educational Youtube channels.

And even though I love Youtube, I also feel that it’s a Pandora’s Box.  My son may be watching history channel today, but sex and violence in a couple of years.  (When I’m not at home.)

And sometimes, you don’t even WANT to watch the sex and violence, but they sneak in on you and catch you unawares.  This has happened.  A couple times, my son was watching (what we thought) were safe videos, and the weirdo youtuber had interjected yukky stuff in the middle.  My son does NOT like this sort of stuff so turned it off.

Plus, I admit it.  I let my son watch Youtube for fun–mainly videogame related videos.  Most of it is harmless.  But sometimes it’s more than I want him to watch, and I tell him to turn it off.    But sometimes the damage is done–he’s heard the curse word, he’s seen the violence.  So yes, it’s a Pandora’s Box.

What are our favorite youtube channels?

Evantube–My son liked it (when he was younger) because it’s neat.  I like that Evan (I think) is half and his daddy is the Asian one!  Although Evan sure does seem spoiled.  No, darling son, we are not getting the Megamax Lego Star Wars Complete Set.  Just because Evan has doesn’t mean you can have it.  Oh, and another thing Evan is scary smart.  Like he leaves me in the dust.

Superskarmory–My son loves Superskarmory and I love him, too.  He is just so darn nice!!!!!  He never uses bad language.  I can just imagine him hanging out at church dances when he is not making video game walkthroughs for youtube.

Peanut Butter Gamer–PBG is heeeelarious!!!!!!!  And also a really nice guy.  I don’t think he uses bad language.  (Maybe a damn or a crap here or there, but nothing serious.)   Also….I suspect he is half?

Game Theory–This is really neat, but uses bad language and adult jokes every so often.  Not too bad for a jhs student.  But some parents might not like it.  But really this is just clever stuff.  Scientific almost!

Okay, that’s our favorite stuff.  I have been known to watch along, because heck it’s entertaining!