I’ve written about my clunky black electronic dictionary from the nineties.  The one that’s been crashed to the floor constantly, yet has never crashed on me.  It still works despite having been dropped many times.

My husband got me a new dictionary.  This one:


It’s got lots and lots of dictionaries in it.  Jap-Engl (waei 和英), Engl-Jap (eiwa 英和), Encyclopedia, and so on.  All of them meant for a Japanese person.  It’s got a pen so I can write kanji and get its meaning and pronunciation.

There was a time when I would have loved this.  However, now I fairly often use the dictionary on my Ipad.  Not all the time, but if I need a kanji reading I go there.   My Ipad dictionaries are meant for English speakers and it makes a world of difference.

I’m thinking this little white dictionary will be nice though because its portable and so if I’m out and about and see a sign, I can look it up.  (I  generally leave the Ipads at home.)   Hmmmm…the possibilities.

Why no Iphone?  You may ask:

Well, I have this Iphone:


or sometimes this Iphone:


But let’s face it.  An iphone is more expensive than a “galapagos” phone.  So I’m keeping my galake.

(flip phone=galake, short for “Galapagos keitai”.  The connection between the Galapagos Islands and Japanese flip phone is something to the effect that the flip phone in Japan is  just the komodo dragon or some such hokum.)

And according to this article flip phones are the coolest anyway.