True Confession:

My son likes Game Boy, but he is not a Game Boy.


He likes video games, but he doesn’t particularly want to play those immensely fun board games and card games that I grew up playing.  I need to rethink this situation.  It’s a work in progress.

1.  For example I dug out these:


My jacks.  I brought them from the U.S. because jacks is unknown in Japan.  So it’s a neat thing to show to English students.  Anyhoo….I dug them out but my son wasn’t interested.

2.  I also dug out “Stare JR!”   I think this is a neato Communication game and I think I would have liked it when I was a kid.  But my son……..has been ruined by the video gamez.

3.  Okay.  Next stop.  Headbanz.  He was much more interested in this.  Yeah, it was fun.  You can easily make a Headbanz style games using pictures of any kind.  Here is an American family playing the game in German.

4.  Next stop.  And finally success!  UNO!  Yes, he has always loved UNO, but I mixed it up a bit and renamed it CommUNOcation.  (Get it?  Get it?)

To make CommUNOcation:  Find an UNO card game.  Find some random stickers that you haven’t really known what to do with until this very moment.  Stick random stickers on SOME of the cards.   Choose a corner so the stickers will always appear at the same place.

Then play commUNOcation.  When a person discards a card with a sticker, they must ask a question.

That’s CommUNOcation.  Without buttons.  Without a screen.  Without electricity.


See the Snoopy stickers in the upper right hand corner?

 Which do you prefer?  Exciting CommUNOcation or boring video games?

I went to amazon’s website and entered “UNO” and found a similar game:  UNO Dare.  I guess you do a dare with a dare card.  Hmmmm….could be fun.


5.  And that reminds me of another game we like to play.  It uses no cards, no nothing.  Just ask “What do you prefer,  this or that?”  For example, “Which do you prefer, a worm in your spaghetti or a bug in your rice?”  My son enjoys making up zany scenarios!