We cool.  That’s right.  We cool.



Cool exhibit at our science museum.  Little handmade figures in different places.  Above are photos of Fukushima (Prefecture, I think, Not Fukushima City.)

I haven’t written about my Obama Mama Morning English Time recently.  (Obama’s Mama taught him in the early morning while they were in Indonesia to keep him up with the kids back in America.)

1.  Wimpy Kid School Planner–He writes a thought, any thing he wants.  For the last several months, he has written the same exact thing every day:  “I want Wi-Fi.”  He still doesn’t have it.

2.  Q&A a Day For Kids by Betsy France–Good book, although sometimes my son doesn’t like the question.

3.  Eiken Pre 2 Preparation Book–He gets most of the questions correct, but misses some.  We usually do this until he gets one wrong (or gets tired answering questions).  When he gets one wrong, I explain and I write it in a notebook.  Then I try to use that particular expression in the coming days when I think of it.

4.  Explode the Code–Still working on this book, one page at a time.

5.  240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know–This is is for vocabulary building.  I like this series, but sometimes I think it is a bit hit and miss on the words. Some words are too easy, some too difficult.  Most are okay, though, I suppose.  I do like how this book has a theme for each unit–for example:  “Latin roots.”  “Newspaper Jargon”  “Prefixes”

6.  My Big Sticker Book–Just for fun.  A big of a mini-break.  He chooses one sticker and we try to guess what it is and place it in the appropriate definition.  For example:  Today’s sticker–“Hell” or “Lava”?  It ended up being lava, no surprise there.

7. Scholastic Success with Grammar–We originally did not do grammar, but I am really glad we started.  It’s an important skill.  There were lots of grammar points that my son was not getting, and hopefully we are clearing them up.

8.Scholastic Success with Reading Test–Extremely short passages.  We might take three days for one passage:  Day One– I read it aloud and ask my son about it, telling him about difficult words  Day Two–He read it aloud, again discussing it  Day Three–He reads it silently and answers questions

9. New Horizons Work and Test (from Japanese bookstore)–We do one tiny section a day.

10.  Spelling–I take about three or four words from New Horizons Work and Test.  If he doesn’t spell a word correctly, the next day he writes it three times.

After that, we are officially finished.  But are we really finished?  No…..I sneak in yet more English.

11.  I play some sort of game with him.  Hedbanz, UNO….more on that tomorrow.

12.  I’ve got a bunch of kids’ magazines that we had been ignoring.  I’ve been utilizing them by doing one little section.  Maybe reading it to him.  Or pointing out things in the pictures.  Like I said, this is English I sneak in.

Then we eat breakfast.  But wait.  Still not finished.  I talked long ago in a previous post about reading the Bible to him.  We are still doing that.  In fact, we just finished the Old Testament and have moved on to the New Testament!!!!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!!!

13.  My son finished breakfast after I do.  So while he is eating I read from a Kindle Children’s Bible.  The text is not taken exactly from the Bible.  It is rephrased and made more listenable.  So it has taken a few months to finish Old Testament.  Which is a whole lot of killing and idol worship if you ask me.  I personally thought it was quite boring, most of it.

Here are some extra thoughts:

*I originally started the Eiken Practice Book to help prepare for the Eiken. But now I think it is really valuable practice–even if one does NOT take the Eiken.  The easy books were not that valuable (and he just did one test and we finished.) But now that we are on Pre 2, there are things that he doesn’t know.  So it is good to learn those things.  Pre 2 or 2 is probably my son’s level.

*You may notice that we may spend THREE days on one short reading passage in the Scholastic Reading Tests book.  I realized one day is just not enough.  I figured that out from my Japanese lessons and attempting to read Japanese passages in class.  It is really hard to get it the first day, and it is also hard with somebody sitting next to you waiting for your answer.  I personally need to really concentrate when I am reading an essay in Japanese.  I have WAY more motivation than my son (who I think does want to learn English, but doesn’t have as much motivation that I have) so I figure it is even harder for him to concentrate well and understand the reading passage.

*The Bible.  I do it because I am Christian…..but my feeling is that if you aren’t religious this is still an important book to read and learn about.  Doing the Old Testament with my son, we are able to clearly see why Jews consider Israel their Holy Land.  And there is so much worshiping of idols….well, I can connect the dots between that and why certain radical groups in Syria go into museums and destroy all the exhibits claiming them to be “idols”.  (Makes me want to read the Koran next.)  Understanding the Bible is key to understanding the world around you.