This is the post in which I will tell about my gimpy foot.

In January, 2015, my left foot became gimpy.  That is, it hurt when I walk.  Ouch. Step. Ouch. Step.  Ouch. Step.  Ouch.

Okay, so I was talking to my mom and telling her about my gimpy foot.  Dr. Mom said, “Oh, you have plantar fascitis!”  (My mom is not actually an accredited doctor, but she has watched a lot of crime pathology TV shows and therefore has some training in medicine;-))

She went on to tell me about how her foot used to be gimpy, and my aunt’s foot used to be gimpy, but they discovered wonderful SAS shoes which have a lot of cushioning and that cured the problem.    She said she would send me some SAS shoes.

So anyway my gimpy foot did not get better so went to the Stupid Real Doctor who told me I have “Something In Japanese But I Can’t Remember Now” but I went home and looked it up on the internet and the Japanese translated into……Plantar Fascitis!

So Dr. Mom was right.  (As usual 😉  Aren’t moms always right.)

Here are the SAS shoes she sent me in the mail:




Purty.  If I was a talented photographer, I would have placed them next to a lush field of green grass instead of the brown train floor, but hey.  Whatever.

So my foot hurt through January and February.  Finally in March it got better.  But I think I am forever relegated to the land of comfortable shoes.   So anybody else out there with Plantar Fascitis?  I think it is pretty common.

Here is a great post from a great blog that I saw just a few days ago.