Yah!  Dude, it rules!!!!!!!   Seriously!  :=)

There are lots and lots of rules concerning uniforms.  And they are strict.  I think everybody in Japan who horror stories about the half kid who gets in trouble for dying his hair (NO DYING HAIR ALLOWED!) even though his hair is naturally brown or blonde or red.    Stories like that that make you go what?!?!?

I went to Catholic school, so I grew up wearing a uniform.  It was a white blouse and blue plaid jumper (pinafore?).  The socks were either blue or white and the shoes were regular sneakers, any kind.  The blouses and the jumpers were washable.  So we had two jumpers each and just threw our jumpers in the wash.  I won’t say there were never problems–like accidentally wearing my sister’s too large jumper to school, or my hem falling out without me realizing it.   But it was pretty easy.

But now.  The horrors.  Dry clean only uniform for my son’s school.  According the wise women on facebook, it can be washed.  However, so far, I am scared to try it.  I looked for a label and can’t figure out what exactly is the material.  I know some materials will shrink really badly.

The uniform thing is just really a pain.  I know uniforms are supposed to be easier, but the Japanese way is NOT easier.   It’s easier to grab jeans, a t-shirt and go.

Here are the stringent rules:


I did not bother to read this chart.  My husband is the uniform boss.  He checks our son every morning.

Okay, here’s a funny.  My son’ hair goes every which way.  I had a photo on FB and my always hilarious niece says, “Japan doesn’t have combs?”

So then we got him his own comb.  The problem is, combs don’t work on his hair.  Sproing!  It is back up again.

So my husband got some hair spray and I saw him spraying our son’s hair this morning.   So his hair did look good today.

Okay, that’s it for jhs.  For now.