Hurray!  My son is now a junior high school student!!!!!!!!!   After a short spring break, he had his entrance ceremony.  (Entrance Ceremonies are a big deal in Japan.  I don’t think we have entrance ceremonies in America.)


Here he is walking to school on the first day to the entrance ceremony.    Nervous but brave.

(A Funny Story:  My son saw this photo and said, “You’re stalking me?!”  He has been attending JHS for a week now and thought the above photo was a regular school day.  I said, “This is the entrance ceremony day!”  He was relieved.)


Up the slope.  Do you remember the photo of Mt. Shinobu I showed a few days ago?  It’s a long low mountain, and his school is on the side of this mountain.


The principal speaking.  All the students in the school are there for the entrance ceremony, but nevertheless you can tell it is a large room with lots of people.  There was one class in each grade in his elementary school.  Now in his jhs there are six classes of first year students.  So he is a small fish in a big pond.


All the teachers in the school introduced themselves.  I liked this.  I think this would be a nice thing to adopt in America.


View from his classroom.  I didn’t take photos of him in the classroom because of an ever so slight shake of the head from him told me “No. Mom.  Not here.  It’s not cool.”


Our son stayed with his friends after school.  My husband and I walked home.  Without him.



No more slides down the slide.



Oh, hey!  A shrine.  Never noticed that before.


Cherry blossoms were in full bloom.


Hanami Memories


Sakura Explosion


We passed by my son’s elementary school.  I think I want to go in and start all over again, six years ago!  LOL

I’m so worried about the coming three years of jhs.  Bullying (known as ijime) is one of my top worries, along with coping with studying and doing well in school.  I often worry about his Japanese skills.  He’s just average at Japanese*, and I feel like there’s still stuff he doesn’t know.   So anyway I hope he does well at school.

*By Japanese I mean the subject at school.  I am not referring to his speaking skills.  Although I imagine he is just average (compared to other jhs students) there, too.