Well.  I have written about it before.  “The Play Cult.”  That’s how I think of this group I am in.  You pay 1000 yen each month per person and are entitled to see four (I think?) plays per year.  So um 12000 divided by four is 3,000.  So like 30 bucks a play.  I think that’s a good deal.  This is Fukushima, where entertainment is mainly what’s on TV.


These plays really are professional quality.  I had never seen so many wonderfully done plays/tap dance/music etc. before I joined this group.

It’s a complicated system.  There are two tracks.  Adult (junior high and up)  Children (elementary and down)  We are on the children track.  And in truth, I like the children’s track.  It’s not dumb dumby dumb plays, but rather lots of folk tales using extravagant puppets and incomprehensible Japanese (to me.) (One reason the folk tales have difficult Japanese is that they use dialect and/or old-fashioned Japanese.  They are folk tales, and therefore the characters speak in a folksy way.)

So anyways…..to make a long story short.

My son and I go to this play.  And before it starts, I get asked questions.  And I get told my Japanese isn’t very good.  (Because I can’t understand the questions, which are are all about the Two Track system.  The play we are about to watch is on the adult track, and if it is on the adult track that means we must pay extra.)  And then this mom lady looks at my son and says, “Does he speak Japanese?  I have never heard him speak Japanese.”

Um, excuse me?  EXCUSE ME, BITCH?

This is a play group.  Where we sit and watch plays. We hand over our tickets, watch, and leave.   That doesn’t require my son to say a word.  Which he doesn’t.  And in truth, he doesn’t even want to be here, anyway.  (He asks to go home without seeing the play, and I let him.)

So now they want him on the adult track, since he is a jhs student.  They said: “The adult plays make you think.”

I responded with: “I don’t want to think.”

Which is true.  I don’t want to think deep thoughts about the meaning of life, I just want to enjoy a little tap dancing.

Okay, fast forward to several hours later.  My son wants to drop out of the Play Cult, and my husband supports his decision.  So I guess no more play cult.

In truth, Play Cult was sort of feeling like Date Night with Mommy.  So I guess it had to end.  Once you get on the adult track, 90% of the audience is female.  Play Cult is just not a guy thing.

Update:  The Play Cult Representative Lady came by (as she does monthly to collect my fee) and she said, Gosh, a really good play is coming up this summer so we can’t quit before that and also a really GREAT play is coming up this winter so we can’t quite before THAT.

So I’ll tell my son and let him decide.

I think part of him enjoys the performances and part of him doesn’t.  Kind of like if a grown man goes to a “Frozen” movie.  He’ll enjoy it because it’s a wonderful movie, but part of him will be like “What the hell am I doing here?”  I think my son has the same sort of conflicting feelings.