I showed a photo of the Strawberry Daifuku yesterday.  That’s basically limited to the spring (although some shops have it all year long).  So the purpose of this post is to introduce some more traditional sweets limited to spring.


This is the Japanese sweets shop.  I don’t really get into Japanese sweets (not having been raised with them and not having a nostalgic feel about them), but I think I would miss them if I moved away from Japan.


Japanese sweets shop.  Japanese traditional sweets are just totally different than western sweets.  Lots of sugar.  No flour, so not cakey.  Not chocolatey.  Ricey.


Sakura Mochi. On left.  It has a bitter tasting sakura (cherry blossom) leaf wrapped around it.  You can eat the leaf, but my son and I don’t because it tastes bad to us.  Rumor has it that sakura mochi is ONLY sold in the spring, so get it while you can.

The above style is a crepe style, according to my husband.  It’s the style of Tokyo for sakura mochi.


The above photo is from our local shopping area.  It’s Kyoto style sakura mochi.  Although I tried to ask the saleslady, “Is this Kyoto style?” and she couldn’t understand and was answering, “No, it wasn’t made in Kyoto.”  Anyway, it is limited to this time of year (spring.)



We had a Kyoto Fair at our local department store.  They brought lots of local specialties from Kyoto.  So the above sakura mochi is authentic Kyoto sakura mochi.


At the same Kyoto Fair.  The above sakura mochi is from a different merchant.



Kyoto candy!  Yum!  Looks like spring!