This daifuku has a surprise inside!  Do you know what is inside this mochi?  (Answer at end)




This is one of my son’s books.  I took a photo to show….


the normal way a Japanese novel is written.  Top to Bottom, right to left.  Books are usually opened from the right and read to the left.  It’s the opposite of western books.

Also:  If you are unfamiliar with Japanese, note that the above book has furigana to enable reading the kanji.  This is because it is a children’s book.  The book below does NOT have this furigana because it is a book for grown-ups.

Okay, let’s look at the next book:


I posted about Minae Mizumura before.  This is her acclaimed novel. “My novel from left to right.”  It was the first Japanese book to be written from left to right like a western book.

See?  It’s left to right.  Very unusual in Japan, and odd looking.


This book is apparently based on her expat life living in New York, from her teen years to about age thirty. She intersperses English in with the Japanese text. I’d like to read this book, but I am not up to the challenge in Japanese.

By the way, cherry blossoms have started blooming.


Our local park in the above photo.  I love this time of year.


The answer to the question from the beginning is:  A Strawberry! A yummy treat to eat in the spring during strawberry season.