I think I’ll continue blogging.  🙂

Today I will talk about blogging.

Obviously I do it because I enjoy it.

Some thoughts:

1.)  I started this blog to discuss raising a child with both Japanese and English, especially for those living in Japan.  I figure that I have raised my child to a fairly old age.  He is bilingual, so I have experience to pass on to others.

2.)  The way we do things here are OUR ways.  Other people do things differently.  It’s neat (and educational) to explore on the Internet different parenting methods and decide what works for you.

3.) I originally started blogging many years ago. My son was about five, I think. My husband, “You have so much stress!!!!! Start a blog!!!!! Release that stress!!!!!” So at my husband’s urging, I started blogging. I think he was tired of hearing me bitch. So my first blog was a bit of a bitch blog.

Here is an example of one of my blog posts from that first blog:

Conversation between me and DH

November 28, 2009

Me: I think ds needs to be reading more. He needs to read The Magic Treehouse.
He: Okay.
Me: He needs to read to get good at Japanese.
He: Japanese. (evidently he thought I meant English) He reads manga.
Me: That’s all he reads, manga!
He: Manga has difficult words. A high level of vocabulary.
Me: Oh, okay. (because to be honest I ese is great or not. Just as long as he doesn’t get kicked out of school.)

4.)  I don’t actually think I will run out of ideas.  Just the opposite.  I’ve written posts in advance, and I date them and just hit enter.  Some days I might write several posts.  Some days none.  (However, our computer is on its last legs, so if I don’t post one day it’s probably due to computer problems.)

4.)I keep blogging because I enjoy writing.  I’m not trying to make money off people.  Isn’t it nice to get something for nothing?  Think of this blog as a Good Value.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Bunny Whacked!



What did she just say?!?

Anyhoo….moving on…..



This is a little teeny tiny exhibit at our local department store.  (Japan tends to have department stores rather than malls.)  Anyhow, this exhibit was meant to cheer up the intrepid inhabitants of Fukushima.


Famous people painted little dolls.  I tried to read the famous people’s names, but it was all so much blah blah blah to me.


This says, “ふくしまは負けません .” It translates literally as “Fukushima doesn’t lose”.  (負ける makeru–to lose)  I think the sentiment is more like, “Fukushima, don’t give up!”


Lots of cute dollies


I like Jiji the Cat and Paddington!


Notice the one on the right.  Can you read the name of the artist?  (Answer at end of post.)

Well, I was chatting with the staff woman, and she said in Japanese, “You have good Japanese.  You have REALLY good Japanese!”  She said in a manner of surprise.   Japanese people don’t expect foreigners to speak Japanese very well.

I think my Japanese is quite pretty.  I have lived here a long time, so I have heard it a lot, plus I get a lot of my study from textbooks so my Japanese tends to be very polite and correct.  Not Japanese picked up in a bar.

But anyway, I was glad she complimented me, and obviously she meant it.  It wasn’t the flattery that often goes around in Japan.  (“Oh, you are so good at using chopsticks!”)


Okay, the answer is Abe Shinzo.

That’s Prime Minister Abe!

I think it’s pretty hideous artwork (LOL) so it is a good thing he didn’t become a professional artist.