I feel really lucky that our area did not have very much earthquake damage to buildings from the Big One.  There was a bit.  Not a whole bunch.  I want to show you, however, what’s still there currently in my immediate neighborhood after four years.



This stone wall collapsed in the earthquake.  It’s never been rebuilt.


The front of the house.


Okay moving on to a different street, but still really close to my home.  This is a regular, nice residence.  I show this to you so you can see what a regular (albeit nice and expensive) home looks like.  See that blue tarp in the background?  Can you make it out?


That’s this building.  Now let me explain about this building.  Even before the earthquake, this was THE BUILDING in the neighborhood.  You know what I am talking about.  The building with junk in its (teeny tiny) yard, a million cats that live here.  Rundown way before the earthquake.  An old man lived here.


Okay, well, it has never been rebuilt, of course.  I assumed that, like many residents of Fukushima, he evacuated, probably to public shelter.  However, I was told by his neighbor that he still lives.  Just in the back part of the house.


I guess he is a real “ganbaru” (persevering) type of guy.  The cats still live here, too.  I saw a kitty recently sleeping on the tarp, but did not have my camera.  Oh, well, at least the place doesn’t have rats!