I was asked about Hello Kitty.  I guess I post lots of photos of Japan, but no Hello Kitty, and everybody know that kitty is a true symbol of Japan.  The truth is that I see Hello Kitty here and there, but not truly everywhere.  Ya know?  For Japanese people, Hello Kitty is just another cute character like Anpanman, Snoopy, or Moomin (all common in Japan.)

For a true Hello Kitty experience, I visited the Sanrio store at our local department store.  (Sanrio makes Hello Kitty.)


Sanrio store on left.  On right, seasonal merchandise for Children’s Day in May.



As all of who live in Japan know, Hello Kitty is known here as Kitty Chan.  Literally, Miss Kitty.  (“Chan” comes after the names of children, especially girls.  “Kun” is for boys.  “San” is for adults.)


Here are various Sanrio characters.  As you can see, it is very feminine.  Also,  even the boy characters are quite babyish.  We never got into Sanrio in our family.  We had to stop when he could say, “No, Mommy.”

No, mom, I don’t want the totally uncool Little Twins Stars.  I want to Ultraman action figure!


One thing I always have like about Sanrio merchandise is that its English is always grammatically correct and spelled correctly, albeit very plain.  “How do you do?  Friends call me Hello Kitty.  Say hello to me when you see me!”  Cute, lol.

Sanrio does not do the Engrish so popular with a lot of Japanese companies:  “Happy Life Enjoy Beatiful Girls Time”  If you live in Japan, you know what I mean!  Or if you have even logged onto Engrish.com




Hello Kitty Popcorn!!!!!!  Cute Cute Cute

Yes, Hello Kitty is mega adorable, but as the mother of a boy, I have had to sacrifice my love of pink hearts and sparkles.   But I’m fine with it.  My son is pretty cool and he is a lot of fun, even if he does like the BOY stuff.