When I shop, I prefer to buy things made in Japan if possible.  You can look on the label for 日本製.nihonsei

Nihon=Japan (of course)

sei=made in

Sometimes it’ll be in English, but not always so it is handy to know in Japanese.


Anyhoo…..I have recently been wanting a bit of a bag to stick in my purse.  An eco bag.  Is that Japanese or English?  I think it is actually Japanese.  But it’s a pretty good term.  So I will adopt it and use it.

Okay.  Where was I.   I have been wanting an eco bag because I  forget my regular grocery bag quite often (or actually, more likely, go grocery shopping when I didn’t plan to.)

I checked the 100 yen shop and they had some EXTREMELY ugly eco bags.  I found some cuter ones for 1,000.  But I found one that I loved on the internet from a blogger here in Japan.  She blogs about sewing here and she obviously sews with love.  This is her site.


I was excited when my package arrived!  Cute stamps!


Cute eco bag!!!!!!!!!


So Japanese.  I see a fukuwarai, hina dolls, kingyo, koi…………


I’ll pass as a native with this bag!

Okay, chocolate Easter eggs photos.  From Ginza, Tokyo.

DSCF4156 DSCF4157

To the far right, there’s a chocolate bunny.  It’s hard to make out.


The above photo is at Fujiya Sweet Shop.  There’s a bit of Easter stuff in there.  The pastel sweets.


Easter Basket!  I couldn’t resist.  I bought this.  How adorable.

Despite Eastery snacks arriving in Japan, the typical Japanese kid doesn’t know what Easter is.  I asked in a juku yesterday, and the kids were clueless.