A big topic of conversation in these here parts are, “Where were YOU during The Earthquake?”  (It is always just “The Earthquake” “jishin no toki”)

I was exactly where I am now!  In our living room!  Slightly different location.  At that time, I was on our sofa.  Now I am in front of our desktop computer.

So today I will talk a bit about the moment of silence this year on March 11, 2015.  The moment when The Earthquake took place four years previously.




This is a poster from the school where I work at.  It told of the upcoming events commemorating 3/11.


A piggy bank for donations for evacuees


This year, on the day of March 11, I didn’t want to spend 2:46 at my house alone, so I went downtown, just a couple minutes away.  There were lots of people on the town square.


This was right after the moment of prayer.  (黙祷 ”mokutou” to pray silently)

See that empty spot?  There were clowns standing there in full clown costume.  I wanted to take their photo so bad……..but I’m not the type of photographer to take photos of people, especially when they are praying!   The clowns left immediately after the moment of silence, so I never got a chance to ask them if I could get their photo.

Where did the clowns go?  I found myself wondering that.  Back to the clown office?