When my husband isn’t home, my son and I keep the TV on to English TV.  Usually, it is the Disney channel, but recently we have been watching kitties on Animal Planet.



My son is going through a phase where he wants the TV on at ALL times, even if he isn’t watching it and even if the volume is down.  :-/

I have a funny TV related story to tell.

We were watching/listening to the Ant Farm on the Disney Channel.  It’s a silly show for tweens.  Anyway, one character had a tablet computer with a doorbell app.  He said, “I don’t have to knock!  I just do the app!”  And it kept ding donging throughout the show.

Okay, much later much my husband came home.  Apparently the deliveryman left a notice that he had tried to deliver a package, but nobody was home.  “We were home!” I insisted.  And then I realized……”Uh Oh.”

I am quite sure that when the delivery man rang the real doorbell, I thought it was the doorbell app on the TV!  It was ding donging so much that I am sure that is what happened.

How annoying, but kind of funny, too.  We watch way way way more than our fair share of the Disney Channel.  In fact, E.T. is starting right now.  Gotta go.

“Night at the Museum” 3 just opened on Friday here in Japan.  It’s a movie I have been wanting to see, so I took my son today.  I have to act fast, because the English version will not last long here in Fukushima.  (A movie lasts maybe a week or two in English, I have found, and towards the end of this time the movie starts impossibly late.)

There is also the dubbed version, but of course I don’t want to spend 20 bucks to see it dubbed if I can see it in English.

In this movie, a lot of the action takes place at a museum in London.  So about 30% of the movie was British English.  “They only let me leave to go to the loo.”  So I chalk this experience up as highly educational.

Only 60% of the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes liked this movie, but I loved it.  It was hilarious, and as a mom it is so wonderful to take my son to an entertaining movie that is CLEAN.  Plus both boys and girls will like it.  I wish they made more movies like this.

Robin Williams was in this and it was…….eery.  See the movie and you’ll see why.

One last thing:  I’ve seen three movies recently (Annie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Night at the Museum) so when you see three in rapid succession you get a free ticket.  Cinderella is out of the question…..My son refuses to see it.  😦  So I will give the tickets to my husband and tell him to see Chef with our son.  I saw it on the plane, it’s great, and it is totally something my husband would like.  (He’s already mentioned wanting to see it.)  I am a little worried he will be disappointed if I don’t go…..But, even though I liked it, I don’t want to see it again!

Chef is a little more grown-up that what our son usually watches, but it is a good Father-Son movie and I know he will feel like a little man if he watches it with his revered and esteemed dad!