The NHK building in town.  (NHK is like PBS in America or BBC in the U.K.)


Various shows.  I don’t watch any of them.


Little fellas from the popular kiddy show “Okaasan to Ishyo” (“With your Mother”)  The show has a bunch of toddlers with hosts who sing and dance.  We never watched this when my son was young.  I ALWAYS had the TV on English when it was on.


I don’t know what this is.  I need to find out.  Editted:  I walked to the NHK building, about fifteen or twenty minutes from my house.  I waited for it to open, and the people there didn’t really know! LOL  The kimono, is um, something.  The board is cheering for Fukushima.  I’m guessing the signatures are from actores on a TV programme?



Various posters, I really do NOT watch Japanese TV.


Massan poster.  I’ve talked about “Massan” before.  White girl marries Japanese lad in days of yore.

I married my husband in the nineties.  We met in the early nineties.  Back then, I thought I was pretty avant garde with a Japanese boyfriend.  And it’s true–you just did not see white women with Japanese men much.  And still don’t.  I mean, most of what I see, I see on the internet.   In real life?  I am the only one in Fukushima City that I am aware of.  (With a Japanese hubby, I mean.)

Western men with Japanese wives are much more common, of course.  (Although rare, too, in Fukushima.)

Whenever I see half kids–usually little kids with their Japanese moms–I make conversations, trying to make new friends.  It’s not easy, though.  Many of the Japanese moms are here on vacation.  They often live in western countries and are just visiting for a short time!  It’s the opposite of my lifestyle.

By the way, you are probably wondering what we watch, since we don’t watch NHK.  Besides the Disney Channel and Kitty Shows on Animal Planet.  My son LOVES PBG  and I think he is hilarious, too.  Plus, doesn’t he look half Japanese?  Curiouser and curiouser.