Well, my Friday Japanese class is changing locations.  The building that they are using will be torn down so the class is moving to a “Gakushyu Center”  (Study Center.)

This is bad for me because the current location is extremely convenient for me.  The new location is much less so.  I don’t drive so I’ll see if I can get there by bike or bus.  It’ll be a pain, though.  I’m used to just dashing out of our home at ten minutes before the lesson starts.

Every cloud has a silver lining…..

They can’t bring the study materials to the new location due to lack of storage space, so they are giving them away.  I snagged the following:


However, upon looking closer at the kanzen master, it appeared that it needed a CD, and the CD is missing.  So I returned that one.  That’s the blue one.


Okay, returned it!  Had a wonderful last class with a party.  The volunteers are WONDERFUL.  I mean, they give their time to teach us lowly gaijin.  I feel like I can never be thankful enough for what they do.

In the second photo, those top three books are what I am currently studying.   (Excluding a Kanzen Master N3 Reading Comprehsion because I forgot to include it.)

The bottom books—-yes!  ALL THE MIDDLE AND BOTTOM BOOKS–are books that  I am going to sudy in the, um, future.  Yes.  Definitely.

The reason there is so many is that I went back to the class and…..  Nobody was taking N1 or N2 books, so I took all the books that were roughly N2.   (Most everybody in the class, obviously, has not been in Japan as long as me!  I’m an old timer!)

I didn’t take any 1 kyu books.  Obviously, I have enough books.  I told the Chinese woman who has already passed N1 to take them, and I believe she did.  (She wasn’t aware of them because she doesn’t come to class anymore so is not in the “know”.  She just came to the party.)  I felt a little greedy taking so many texts.  But hey, they really did not seem to want them.  They culled out the books they needed beforehand.  I asked the leader if she was sad about losing her treasure trove of books, and she said she was okay with it.

Choko Choko has a really funny post about buying textbooks and using one percent of them.   I personally enjoy shopping for textbooks……..but don’t really buy much because I just can not afford it.  And now I don’t need to!  I told my husband that, so it is official!

I do get a lot of satisfaction from working my way through a text and FINISHING it.  These texts should come with an app that tracks your progress and does a happy dance with fireworks at the end of each chapter.  Are you listening, book publishers?  Are you listening to me???????



You have finished reading a WESPEAKJAPANESEANDENGLISH post and this is a great achiement.  Congratulations!  Let the fireworks begin!