Okay, this was the best I could do! Green Coke (made from Stevia) just arrived at our local grocery store.  We got free samples.  We did not like it!  I am not a Coke drinker, anyway.



Hubby went to Tokyo and asked me what I wanted for my omiyage.  I said, “Something Easter!”  Knowing that the choices here in Fukushima City are extremely limited.  So he brought back little Disney Easter cakes!   Ahhhhh……….


And he made an Easter bunny!  Yes, that is hubby’s handiwork.  He said, “Don’t post it.  I’ll make a better one in the future.”  oh.  Too late.


See the cakey substance?  That is also Tokyo omiyage.  It is actually similar to a high class marshmallow.  It was yums.


I was searching for a bag of Black Thunder chocolate—-did you know they stopped selling the bags of those chocolate bars?  Was that “Gentei” (limited time only)?  Pardon my language, but WTF?  Japan, why does everything have to be gentei with you.

限定 gentei “limited”

Okay, well, maybe they were making room for the EASTER CHOCOLATE!!!!!!  Yes, unbelievable.  This  store is not an American style grocery store, it is teeny tiny, with not much to choose from.  But it has Easter chocolate!  Wow, Easter is catching on in Japan!  This would not have been possible just five years ago.


My son’s after school snackie with the Easter chocolate, a Melty Kiss (gentei, of course) a Hershey’s (which I brought from America) and Pringles (from the International Store).