Recently I discovered a new book in English at the public library.  The public library doesn’t often get new books in English, so I was stoked.

Plus it is an adorable little treasure:


My son, of course, is too old for such an adorable little book.  WAIT.  SCRATCH THAT.  Nobody is ever too old for such an adorable little book.

It’s an ABC of Japanese words.   Yeah, weird concept.  But meant for American kids.  When we got to L the word was Lion…which was given in katakana.  ライオン And under it was kanji.  Neither my son nor I could read the kanji…….so what was the kanji?

I took it to Japanese class and asked my teacher.  I was told that the kanji is for “shishi” 獅子  Not actually the same as ライオン…so that is a little confusing.  However we learned something, didn’t we!

My son had never seen the kanji for “Tanuki”.  SEE!  You are never too old for a wonderful book like this.



He is a shishi? She is a hihi?

In case you are wondering, this is a photo of a shishi.