The Japanese school year ends in March, and we finished the last story reading for library volunteer.  (I’ve posted about this before.  I’m a library volunteer for my son’s school, and every week I read a picture book in English to a class.  Another library volunteer reads the Japanese translation of the same book.)


In celebration of the last day, we made Doraemon balloon art for the first grade class and the special education class students.  One for each student:


It is a lot of work, but we only had to make nineteen.  There are very few students at my son’s school!  There used to be a lot more, but with the aging population and people having less kids, the numbers of students have really gone down.



This is me reading to the special education class on the last day.  I chose “The Foggy Foggy Forest” which they really enjoyed.  It’s a wonderful book for ESL.  I bought the English version from the internet, and checked out the Japanese version from the public library.  In addition to reading the story, I made flashcards using vocabulary from the book.

In addition to learning English, the students–especially the special ed. students–love seeing a Japanese book side by side with the same book in English.  They find it fascinating and it is so educational.

Hey, they read books in America, too!  And they use that funny chunky writing that is all craaaaazy, dude.  I wonder how they can possibly READ it????????


Afterwards, all of us library volunteers had a luncheon.  It was at a soba restaurant.  After the meal, I saw “soba ice cream” listed on the menu.  I imagined noodles coming out of ice cream…..not very appetizing.  Actually, the ice cream is regular ice cream, but is made with buckwheat, the main ingredient for soba.

The soba ice cream looks like vanilla…….so I shot a photo of it next to actual vanilla ice cream so you can see the difference in color.  The vanilla is on the top and soba ice cream on the bottom.


We had a great year as library volunteers!  All the members are very dedicated, and I was happy that I could do my part to help the lovely kids of Fukushima!  We denizens of Fukushima  are the coolest and the best!!!!!!