My husband and I have been arguing discussing recently.  What have we been arguing about?  You’ll never guess!

My Japanese study materials!!!!!!!  Yes, MY STUPID JAPANESE STUDY MATERIALS!!!!!!!

It’s a rather long story.  Do you have a steaming cup of coffee by side? Gentle music wafting in the background? Okay, let’s begin our tale.

Once upon a time…..

I was listening to Japanese Pod 101.  It was a lower intermediate conversation between two young men.  It was supposed to be very casual Japanese.

My husband heard the conversation and got peeved that my study materials were so low class.  “That’s too casual!  That will never be on your test!”

And then……later I was reading the newspaper.  I was proud of a new word that I had learned.  月旦 Gettan*.  “Kyou wa gettan desu!”  Today is the first day of the month.

He said, “Nobody uses that word.  It’ll never be on your test!  Never!”

Now I am finding this all odd because the desire to pass N2 has all come from me.  He has never pushed me to pass the test, or even get better at Japanese.   But suddenly he was all, “I’m going to buy books for you to help you pass the test!”

So my darling brought home these books for me:



kanzen master reading comprehension N2 (Which I was planning to buy anyway)

A dictionary for grammar points (Which I would never have bought myself, but looks like it may come in useful.)

Isn’t my husband a romantic?  🙂

Okay, the thing is……….


So I turn to Jpod for fun and enjoyment and to learn about Tengu


this is a tengu


(which I have always had an interest in), and I turn to Kanzen Master for deep, hardcore learning.  The grammar kanzen master was soo sooo soooooo boring, but useful.  This reading comprehension is a lot better than the grammar book, but it’s still not terribly exciting.  Let’s just say that it has yet to mention Tengu.

Okay, well that’s the run-down of the Japanese Learning Materials situation.  That’s all I have to say about it.  For now.


My husband also bought me these lovely chocolate filled manju. He’s a keeper!


*I think “Gettan” was the word.  It could have been a different word referring to the first day of the month.


Update:  Well, I have been studying the Kanzen Master N2 Reading Comprehension.   It’s quite hard.   I discover that I know all the vocabulary of a passage, and still can not understand the passage.

It’s been misery.  So I decided to take it down a notch.  I bought Kanzen Master N3 Reading Comprension, which is easier.

Alot of the N3 book is easy for me, but I am still learning things.  And I enjoy studying it!  So I’m motivated to do so.  I’m finding that I am picking up a lot of little points that I have missed.

So does that mean my level is actually N3 rather than N2?  Probably, yeah.  However, I still plan to take the N2 test this summer.  I know I can pass N3, whereas I can almost pass N2.   So N2 is still my goal.