My son got an Asian Corolle doll from my aunt when he was born.  I think it’s beautiful, and my aunt is so proud of it.  However, recently I posted a photo of it on Facebook and my niece said….


“It is creepy.”  !!!!!What??!!!!???  How could that adorable little face be creepy?  It’s nothing like this:


Now that’s creepy.

Well, today is Friday the thirteenth.  In America, it’s the day when baaaaaaaad things happen.

But in Japan, it’s Taian–the day when good things happen.

If you live about Japan, you probably know that each day has a special “luck” about it.  This calendar is called Rokuyo.  六曜 (literally “Six Days”)

Good luck all day  (Taian)  Bad luck all day (Butsumetsu) Good luck in the morning (Sensho ). Good luck, except at noon. (Tomobiki) Good luck in the afternoon (Sakimake) Bad luck, exept at noon (Shakku)

I got them all out of order!  Sorry!

Ironically, my Snoopy calendar–which I chose for its unapologetic Americanness–has every day listed with the appropriate Rokuyo designation.  So I just look at it to know when to expect my luck.  (Although I almost never do that.  I pretty much ignore the luckiness amount of the day.)

Actually, I think most Japanese people don’t pay attention to Rokuyo all that much–it’s too much of a hassle–except during big events.  NOBODY gets married on a Butsumetsu Day.  If you did that, you might as well sign the divorce papers right then and there (according to superstition.)  Most EVERYBODY seems to get married on a Taian day.   It would be weird not to.

You can read more about this Rokuyo stuff here.

Back to the creepy dolls.  Could there possibly be anything creepier than…………….Barbie?


(Just joking!  I loved Barbie when I was a kid!)