This is a photo of the Yomiuri Kodomo Shinbun.  (Yomiuru Children’s Newspaper).  I have posted about it before.  Yep, I am still reading it.  I have considering trading up to a junior high newspaper.

My Japanese teacher very kindly brought some junior high newspapers to class to give me.  I’ve looked at them.  They don’t have furigana.  Plus the articles are of a different quality, intellectually.  I think that I COULD do the jhs newspapers if I worked at it…..but I read the newspaper for enjoyment.  It’s not my main source of study.  I just want to relax and read.  So for now, I am staying with the elementary school newspaper.   It’s still definitely challenging enough for me.

Here is a link to various children’s newspapers:  http://jp.newsconc.com/japan/kids.html

Plus, I looked at a “Junior Aera” It’s a magazine that is a junior form of the Aera magazine.  JLPT Bootcamp talks about the grown-up version here and here .  He says that Aera is a great way to study for the JLPT N1.

However, Junior Aera uses furigana EVERY single time there is a kanji.  In contrast, Yomiuri Kodomo Shinbun will use it the first time, but not the second time.  The second time the kanji comes up I can test myself to see if I can remember it.


And now for something completely different:


I bought these for hubby and posted the photo on FB.  Well, I was told that they were sold out everywhere.  And yesterday I went back to Itoyokado…completely gone!  So yeah, I’m feelin’ special today.

Got the special brand new mochi ice cream!  Soybean on left, walnut on right.


“You got the special brand new mochi Hagen Dazs ice cream?!?! No way!!!!!!!!


“Yes, I got them all!!!!!!!  I bought fifty cups of ice cream and they are now all in my freezer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     HAAHAAAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! (evil laughter)