The following picture are the shopping area in Tokyo Station.  As part of our travel deal, we were given Tokyo Station Gift Cards (Not cards, actually printed on flimsy paper.)  So we were obligated to buy stuff in Tokyo Station.  (The gift cards are meant to encourage shopping.)


Peek a boo!  I see you!  We bought some of these funny donuts.  My husband said, “Why don’t they have cute stuff like this in America?”  The truth is….we got cute stuff in America!  Whenever we go to the grocery store, they’ve always got fun cupcakes and cookies.

Flavors listed in the above photo:  orange, sweet potato (top) rum raisin, coffee (bottom)


We bought some of these crepes.  Crepes with some sort of filling are quite common in Japan.


Shhh….don’t tell my son, but I bought this Easter basket for him!  Isn’t it sweet?

It is not easy to find Easter stuff in Japan, that’s for sure.  There’s more than there used to be…and probably will be more in the future.  But Japan is just simply not a Christian country and most people don’t know anything at all about Easter traditions.


Same store, it’s called “Quatre”.  I really wanted to buy the Easter items at top, but my wallet screamed in agony.  However, when I got home, I checked Quatre’s website—these items are not available there.  So I missed my chance!


Eki Ben.  I thought this shop was really cute.  Reminds me of  long ago, when train rides took all day and a lunch cost fifty yen.  Not that I lived in Japan at that time, but I can dream of once upon a time in Japan.


This was our breakfast the next morning!



That little guy looks distressed!  Okay, I admit it.  We did not eat them.  We set them free in the park where they are playing happily today.