Next stop:  Does the Louis Vuitton sign give you a clue?  Bulgari?

It’s Ginza!


I browsed the kiddy clothes.  No, not expecting another one.  Just think this upper class stuff is cute.  As can be expected as my normal stores are Shimamura and Itoyokado.


Miki House:  Very expensive Japanese brand for kiddos.  I received a Miki House sweatshirt from a friend when my son was a toddler….and the neck was not elasticy nor did it have those buttons on the shoulders to make the neckhole bigger.  It didn’t fit over his head!  So since then, I’ve felt Miki House is overrated.  But dang, it’s cute.


Ralph Lauren…it’s really expensive in Japan, so I try to buy it in the States.  (Where it is relatively much cheaper.)


This is probably the most popular baby doll in Japan.  Popo Chan.  Notice the talking toilet!  LOL  I wonder what it says?  “Popo’s got a poo poo?”


Sylvanian Families….Really expensive.


Totoro!  So sweet.  Back when we were dating, my husband gave me the Totoro movie on a videotape in English.  I hate to sound all “Well, I knew Ghibli before anybody else….”  But okay, it’s true.  That was slightly before Ghibli started becoming popular in the States.  (at least the part I come from.)


Guri and Gura.  Cuti and Cuta.  Sweeti and Sweeta.


Okay.  When I took this photo, I said, “Ships.”  Because I have never heard of this brand.  And my son–who is VERY sensitive–to naughty language–said, “What did you say????”  He had thought that I said that other S word.


I asked if I could take photos in the Louis Vuitton store and they wouldn’t let me.  Hmph.


Finished with Ginza!!!!!!!!!