At the Fukushima City bullet train station

The sign says, “kizou JA Shin Fukushima”

kizou–寄贈 means “presentation, donation”  These cuttings are a gift of the JA Shin Fukushima.


First stop in Ikebukuro….A used video game shop.


Street Scene in Ikebukuro


Okay, I am not sure what the deal is with expensive (VERY EXPENSIVE) fruit in Japan.  That box of white strawberries is 110 dollars! The red strawberries are 59 dollars a box.  Who buys this stuff?  Prince William?

For a price comparison, a little container of strawberries at my supermarket is currently around five or six dollars.


Hina Festival Senbei.  I REALLY wanted to buy this senbei–for the box, not the senbei itself.  The box was really cute but stupidly I did not get a photo of it.  However, I am on a money diet and did not buy this.  😦



Lots of lovely senbei.  I am not really a senbei fan, so I did not buy any.


Ralph Lauren at the shopping area.  A sweater costs 11,000 yen, so 93 dollars at today’s exchange rate.

We basically went to Tokyo for my husband’s birthday, plus we went on a discount train ticket day (meant to encourage tourism.)

I’ll have more Tokyo photos in the days to come.