Our local art museum, Fukushima Prefectural Art Museum, has a simply wonderful exhbit.  It is wooden sculture carved in the 17th century by the Buddhist monk Enku.  Apparently he wandered around Japan and carved thousands of these.  Neato!

When I’m standing in front of something that is four hundred years old, I’m like,  “Oooooooooh it’s old really really old.”  With my mouth hanging open agape.   So yeah, it was impressive.



Of course we couldn’t take photos inside the exhibit but I asked permission to take photos inside the gift shop.


That’s Enku’s kanji on the sign:  円空


I myself was attracted to the cutesy cutesy stuff.  Kokeshi and daruma.


Senbei for the hubby!


I saw this necktie with kanji all over and wanted it.  I bought it for my cousin and he can wear it to church.  (Is it okay to wear Buddhist prayers to a Catholic mass?)  Anyway, ironically in Japan it is rare to find cool Japanese decorating clothing.  Engrish is common…..but Japanese?  Not so common.

I bought the same cousin a necktie with hiragana all over it.  Yeah, I think he’s got enough of the cool Japanese neckties!