My son and I stopped by Book Off, the used bookstore.  I found these books for 100 yen each, in perfect condition and a real steal.  Yes, my son is way too old for them.  But they are so cutey cutey cutey cute that I just couldn’t say no.

We STILL have a bedtime routine involving stories and books.  My son insists.  I wonder how much longer this will last?  I am enjoying it while it does.

There are three steps to our storytime bedtime ritual:

  1. First I read to my son from some sort of book or books.  Not a complex novel, but something really light.  Last night we did a Jeremy Strong book.  I also do non-fiction.  Nelson Mandela is in line tonight.  Though I definitely still do little kiddy books.  You’re never too old for little kiddy books.
  2. Next, my son requests a fictional story created by me.  So every night, like Scheherazade, I try to think of a good story.  Occasionally I will think of it during the day and get it to all fit together properly, but usually I forget, so the story ends up being kind of haphazard.  I often say, “YOU tell me a story.”  But he doesn’t like that as much.
  3. After that, he requests that I tell him a story from my life.   Something happy, please.  I have waded through all my memories, and told him pretty much everything.

There you have it.  I guess the Reading Promise has nothing on me.  We do our fifteen minutes….and more.