The big deal TV show is currently “Massan” which I am sure you are totally aware of if you live in Japan, and especially if you are a western woman married to a Japanese man. It’s on for fifteen minutes every weekday morning on an NHK show called Asadora. (I think.) The show’s theme changes yearly (I think). Last year, it was about the translator of Anne of Green Gables, Hanako (which I just blogged about a few days ago.)

Massan is about a Japanese man married to a Scottish woman and their whiskey empire.  Click here to see the actor and actress all lovey dovey.

And this is them in real life:


I look at their real photo and wonder what she is thinking about.  She doesn’t really look happy, but it is just so incredibly hard to say because everybody had that severe non-smiling expression back then in photos.   Anyway, I admire her.  What a trooper.

The reason I don’t watch Massan is partly I have no idea when it is on and never sit my butt down to watch, but more because it bores me to death.  I watched a bit on a Saturday, and OH NO!  Ellie has to figure out how to make rice!  Full of gaijin gumption, she furrows her eyebrows and—Click.  I changed the channel.

Long ago, back in 2002, I tried to watch another Asadora show Sakura, about a Japanese-American  young woman who comes to Japan and SIGH!  has to choose between the hot Japanese guy or the hot American guy back home.  It bored me to tears.  (Besides being, um, the story of my life.)

So yeah, I’m just not into the Massan thing.  But it’s cool for us western ladies, isn’t it.