It’s funny how certain western things just really take hold here.  Like Anne of Green Gables.  Japanese People adore her.  She is know here as “Akage no Anne” 赤毛のアン” —Red Haired Anne.

Japanese people do NOT know Little House books with Laura.  Sure, the Little House series is at the library and I am sure some people do read it…..but Laura is not known nearly as well as Anne.  I myself grew up reading the Little House books (and loved them.)  I didn’t read “Anne of Green Gables” until I came to Japan.

Here’s the story of how that came about:  I was teaching at the junior high in Chiba Prefecture and the English teacher asked me, “What’s a gable?”  I didn’t know.  (I just knew it was part-of-a-house-thingy.)  In those pre-internet days, I had to research it.  Now google tells me that a gable is ” : a section of a building’s outside wall that is shaped like a triangle and that is formed by two sections of the roof sloping down.”

A little bit later, I found the entire Anne series in English at the Narita City library.  (A wonderful library for books in English.)  So I read the first one….and loved it.  It’s just wonderful.  Really girly girly girly girl.  I eventually read the entire series, watched the movies (both Canadian with real people and Japanese anime) and watched “Road to Avonlea” (based on “The Story Girl” by L.M.Montgomery.)

Yeah, so I can see why Japanese people women love Anne of Green Gables.  Count me in the crowd.  I’m definitely a fan of Anne.



So I was at the Comu Comu library and I saw this charming little book, on the left in the middle.  “Akage no Anne to Hanako.”  It called out to me.

“Borrrrrrrrow me.   Reeeeeeeeeeead me.”

So I have been stumbling through the biography of “Anne of Green Gables” translator Hanako Muraoka.  In Japanese.  Let’s see if I actually finish it or not.

I want to write in the margins in pencil so bad it is making my fingers ache.