Valentine breakfast from my husband!  He enjoys cooking and made this for my son and me.  The R stands for  Romance.  (It actually stands for Royce Chocolate Company.)


This was our present from Hubby!  Quelle Romantique!


He’ll always have a piece of my heart!

Let me tell you about husband.  He’s Japanese.  He’s a hard worker.  He’s funny.  He’s a nice guy.

I often feel that my husband would the PERFECT husband for a Japanese woman.  Because, honestly, he’s ideal.  He does all the guy things a husband is supposed to do.

However……..I am not sure if it was smart to leave my beloved country and beloved family for a man.  Any man.  No matter how wonderful he may be.  So my advice to young women is just don’t do it.  You don’t know the future.  If your darling turns out to be a wife abuser (my husband isn’t…. but some men are), how are you going to return to your home country and retain custody of your kids?

So there are my honest thoughts.  I love my husband, but I’m no longer in the throes of love and have woken up to realize that international marriages are a dangerous and difficult thing.  (For a myriad of reasons.)

Just keepin’ it real, folks. Just keepin’ it real.



I also want to add that there a MILLION things about my husband that annoy me (but they are not dealbreakers) and a MILLION things I love and a MILLION things I take for granted.  If I were to talk about these things, it would be a whole ‘nother post!