This the Fukushima Prefectural Library, which I have blogged about before.  To the left of it is the Prefectural Museu, not shown.


Photos taken of the interior of the library after the 3/11 earthquake.


The exterior after the 3/11 earthquake.  I don’t believe anybody was injured.  I visited it a few weeks after the earthquake, and not only was it still closed (not surprisingly), but the glass windows had all shattered.


They have a whole section devoted to the 3/11 earthquake.  It is quite large, but not of particular interest to me because it is almost entirely in Japanese and I can’t read it too well.  This book was on display in the little disaster section aimed at children.  Do you know who she is?

That’s Taylor Anderson.  She was an American Jet teacher who was tragically killed by the tsunami.  After the earthquake, she stayed at the school, calming the kids.  But then she left on her bike, not knowing the danger of the tsunami.  (I myself am angry that the other school teachers let her leave the safety of the school.)

The book is in English and Japanese, easy for kids to understand.  I borrowed and my son and I went through it together. “A gift from Taylor The story of an American teacher who was killed in the tsunami”