This is the Fukushima International Association.  I think many towns and cities have these groups to help foreigners.  If you have a problem, contact them.  Or if you have any questions, contact them.  If you want to learn about Japanese lessons, contact them!  (My lessons are free of charge.)  So at your city hall, ask if they have some sort of service like this.



They have books in foreign languages (mostly English) that people have donated.  Before I got my kindle, I read basically all the books here.  LOL  I just started at the beginning and worked my way through them.

When we first moved, they told me they did not accept kids’ book (and there were none.)  However, they appeared to have relaxed the rules because I now see kids’ books!  Yay!

I often donate books here.  I figure I am helping other foreigners.


Japanese study books….  I looked through these books.  However, you can’t take the books out of the buildings so it is just more for me to think about what I want to buy.  (I have no desire to do my studying in the building.)   I have to thank the foreigner’s association and their collection of Japanese books because it got me back in to the groove of studying Japanese.

I lost my benkyo mojo when my son was born.  (It transformed into Eigo mojo.)  Anyhow, back then the study materials were lacking in quality and “joyful amusement for study life”*.  But about three years ago, I saw the Somatome books and they looked almost fun!  So I started studying once more.


*There are time when only Engrish can convey the sentiment I want to express.

Japanese funny story:

I was at the International Association (Kokusai Kyouryuu Kyoukai) and a worker there said, “I’d like to interview you for my church’s newsletter.”  She used the word “Kyoukai”  which WE  ALL KNOW MEANS CHURCH.

So she interviewed me and I was asking questions about her church.  Well, it turned out that kyoukai does not only mean “church”, it also means “association”.  (Different kanji)



If you look at the sign above, you will see that the second kanji word is used.