Remember this photo?   I realized my pale pink polish doesn’t really look that great on my toes!  So I went nail polish shopping…….


And bought the shiny glitter in the center!  Kira Kira Pika Pika

I have it on my fingernails right now.

The plusses:  It is cute.  When it chips off (as nail polish always does), it doesn’t look as bad as regular polish cuz its all kind of  sparkly.

The minusses:  It looks like a kindergarten art project on my fingernails.  My husband doesn’t like it.  He likes a plain manicure.


Our pancakes approve of my choice of manicure. Unfortunately, they met with a tragic accident involving severe mastication a few moments after this photo was taken. May they rest in peace.




The boy likes the games!

Speaking of games………….

I finished reading my second favorite childhood book to my son, “The Westing Game.”  I cried at the end.

I think my son liked it, but he didn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE it the way I did.  Kind of meh.

So.  Our next book is “The Ultimate Book of Video Games.”  And my son is begging me to read!  “Read that video game book, Mom!  Read that!”

I’m trying to do stuff that he is interested in.  It’s his life, his education, his free time.

As far as books that are important, I’ll just give him a bit of the plot.  Like “Heidi”.  I told him about it, and he was like, “Oh yeah, I know that story.  I saw a cartoon about it.”

When my son was younger, I often read homeschooling blogs, and they were VERY helpful.  I frequently chose books from homeschooling reading lists, and they were often VERY good.  However…..  I also need to use my common sense.  Homeschooling sites don’t frequently recommend video gaming books (or comic books or books containing magic or irreverent “poop & fart” books)  So yeah, I choose those on my own.  (Or sometimes my son tells me what he wants.   However, since there are no English bookstores in our area, he can’t browse around a bookstore to choose.  So usually I choose.)

My son is a boy and all that entails

snips and snails and puppy dog tails,

rocks in his pockets, rockets in the air,

yuk–why are there messes everywhere?

He likes games and not the board kind

The kind with pixels and bad for your mind

So if it’s a book about poop I’ll probably buy it.

Cuz if it’s a book about flowers he just won’t try it.

I want him to read.  I need him to read.

So he can learn words like impede and secede

Dav Pilkey and Jeff Kinney, please write more!

We all know reading is NOT A CHORE!