From the top of the Corasse building in downtown Fukushima City, you get a great view.



The east side of the city.  Our house is in this direction.   This photo was taken from a lounge where you can relax free of charge.



Beautiful blue sky on the east but uh oh……


On the west side our view was ruined by clouds that rolled in!   This photo was taken from the restaurant.


Lunches.  Bummed that the clouds ruined our view, but still a lot of fun!


For Valentine’s Day, we all saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in English together as a family.  It was like the opposite of Annie.

Annie:  a movie for ten year old girls

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  a movie for ten year old boys

Some of the previews look interesting:  American Sniper (I know that is the BIG THANG in America right now, but it hasn’t opened in Japan yet) Jurassic World, Terminator, Birdman

As far as American Sniper goes, it’s so funny being in Japan because I hear bits and pieces of the news, but am not really up on it.  Sort of half know what is going on and half have no idea.