It’s Friday the Thirteenth.  Do you know where your Rokurokubi is?

This is a funny clip from the “I Love Lucy” show……I can relate to Lucy (wanting her child to learn perfect English) and Ricky (frustration at conversing in his second tongue)

Lucy in Me:  Before my son was born, I was excited about the prospect of him becoming bilingual.  After he was born, I was  basically:  WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE!????!!!!!!  I despaired of ever teaching him to speak two languages.  I worried that he would not learn my beloved mother tongue English.

It all got sorted out in the end.  I am pretty fortunate that English has quite a strong hold in Japan, and thus I could easily get English materials.  My son has indeed become bilingual.  We do morning English lessons to work on his reading and writing skills.  They are not grade level, but it is certainly something we work at.  I feel our family is a success story.

Ricky in Me:  We mostly speak English in our family, so I am not in Ricky’s predicament–Lucy expecting him to be a master of English and converse with the baby in English.  (It never seems to occur to her that Ricky might want to speak in Spanish to the child.)

Being an immigrant/expat is a difficult thing that brings mixed emotions.  Even the great Desi Arnaz felt it.  Is he crying because he is thankful to America or crying at least partly because he misses his homeland?  I suspect some of both.

And look at Lucille Ball’s  expression.  It’s impossible to know what she is thinking.  But I look at her and her little half-smile, and feel that she feels rather uncomfortable, not quite sure what to do about her husband’s tears.   He’s in a position that she can never understand, being a person born and raised in the United States and belonging to mainstream American culture.

Yesterday somebody posed the question:  Where to find Black Thunder Chocolates in Japan?

Yes, Black Thunder is extremely delish and my son’s favorite.  So congratulations, you have good taste. You can get Black Thunder like this at any grocery store in Japan.  That Amazon price is exorbitant.  I think it normally runs between two and three hundred yen.