Let the record stand that I don’t really know anything about green tea.  I am more of a coffee person.  (I rebel against the strict bindings of Japanese society by refusing to imbibe their traditional drink of green tea, and only partaking in that sordid western drink of COFFEE, which we all know is oh so difficult to find in Japan  😉

Okay, just being silly.

Anyway, there was a thing going around on Facebook about how if you drink green tea, you will lose weight.  I thought about it, and I think that if somebody replaces soda consumption with green tea, then of course you will lose weight.  But if you replace water consumption with green tea?  I doubt it will do much for your weight, although it will probably make you feel more zen.

And if you replace your McDonalds with salmon and tsukemono?  Well, yeah, hey.  I should just write a book called, “Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat.”

Or maybe not.

Anyway, I think green tea has anti-oxidants and other good stuff, so maybe it’s time to make the switch.  American green tea from a regular American supermarket tastes like, in my experience, dirt.  Really.  So much worse than regular Japanese supermarket green tea.  So go to your local bona fide Asian green tea seller and stock up!



Just regular tea bag green tea at our local Itoyokado Grocery Store.


Different kinds of tea


Loose green tea



Barley in green tea.


The one on the left is the most expensive at this grocery store.  All the other teas are green with envy.


Barley  Tea–I drink alot of barley tea (mugicha) because it is non-caffeine and non-calorie.


Powered green tea (Macha) the kind used in tea ceremony

There once was a woman so vain,

who drank her tea very plain.

Even though she abstained,

She still managed to gain.

That’s why she was driven insane.